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General information

The village of Mutěnice is situated in a hilly countryside, its sea-level being between 170-265m. Two streams flow through its area: The Mutěnice Creek and The Kyjovka River. A pond system called Zbrod can be found on The Kyjovka River east of the village.Norht of Mutěnice vast vineyards stretch on south oriented slopes. The south edge of the area is formed by the Horní Kapansko woodland, which covers about 160 ha, in the east edge the woodlands are dispersed. On the whole, forests cover about 364ha, which represents a relatively small part of the area. The east border runs through the edge of the Doubrava woodland. Arable land dominates the area. In its east part lignite deposits are found.
Brief history
Although archeologic researches demonstrate that the South Moravian lowlands had been settled by our Slav ancestors already in 5th century A.D., the first written document about Mutěnice comes from 1367. It can be seen in the Moravia Land Register in Brno and it reads that Alžběta Herburgská, a nun of the Augustine Convent in Brno, donated lands to Mutěnice vicar Michal Damas. The founding record of Mutěnice has not been found so far, though. Between the years 1852-1853 the first Czechoslovak President T.G.Masaryk lived in Mutěnice. His words.


Among the industrious people of this village the tradition of vine growing is inherited from fathers to sons, almost everyone has got his own vineyard and wine cellar. Also folk traditions are preserved, enhanced by folk costumes, songs and dances.

In vino veritas
A distinquished feature of Mutěnice is the vast area of vineyards, especially north of the village where the hilly terrain creates magnificent sceneries. The important feature of Mutěnice is also its years long tradition of countryside vini-culture and small vineyard ownership of local inhabitants. Vineyard areas of South Moravia are suitable for vine growing. They are characterised by high temperatures in summer months and low winter temperatures. This general characteristics applies especially to Mutěnice location. Mutěnice vineyards area is rather broken up and so it is divided into 13 vine tracks /with their official names/ making up for about 581ha. At present about 150ha are planted with branded vine. And annually the area of Mutěnice vineyards gets larger.
Journey to Mutěnice
Missing Mutěnice should be a shame! According to the area planted with vineyards it belongs to the largest vine growing places in the Czech Republic. Vini-culture traditions are inherited from fathers to sons and almost everyone has got his own vineyard and wine cellar. Mutěnice is situated in a hilly countryside with sea-level about 170-265m. The area is crossed by The Mutěnice Creek and The Kyjovka River. East of the village a pond system called Zbrod can be found on The Kyjovka River. The ponds represent both an important landscape feature and nature area. Various birds nest on the reed covered banks. Another important nature reserve is Nivka za Větřákem /0.25ha, 220-240m above sea level/. This small slope, 1.5km west of Mutěnice, is covered with prairie grass and it hosts warm-loving plants and animals. Although the centre of Mutěnice is not very special, the wine cellars quarter is amazing. "Mutěnické Búdy", how these cellars are called, do not catch by their historical or architectonical value, but by their huge numbers and enormous variability.


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